Exclusive interviews to the World Cosplay Summit 2018 participants

It’s been a week since the World Cosplay Summit 2018 ended leaving many emotions and unforgettable moments. During the 9 days that this contest lasted, the participating cosplayers lived intensely every day, working hard to bring their dreams to reality.

kawaii aichi had the great opportunity to be able to interview several countries and regions in the first days of the contest. Despite the commotion of those first days due to the tests and deliberation of the changing rooms and the performances of each of the teams. Some teams were able to make some space and dedicated a few minutes of their time to us. Every team was very cooperative but the time for the interviews was very limited and we didn’t get the chance to ask everything to every team.

Among our interviewees, there are countries from the European continent, Africa, Latin America and the Asian continent. This gives us a broad vision of cosplay around the world, letting us know how cosplay in their country of origin, as what are they’re tastes on manga, anime and Japanese video games, etc… We do not want to anticipate anything else, just tell you that kawaii aichi was inspired a lot seeing this much creativity and hard work. From here we want to thank all the experiences shared in this incredible event.

Click on the links below to go to each of the interviews and get to know a little more about the cosplayers of the World Cosplay Summit 2018.

WCS Chile
Interview with Team Chile
Interview with Team South Africa
WCS Bulgaria
Interview with Team Bulgaria
WCS Team Mexico
Interview with Team Mexico
WCS Costa Rica
Interview with Team Costa Rica
WCS Phippines
Interview with Team Philippines

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